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This is a personal blog, so don't expect much quality posts.
Key & Tiffany are my ultimate bias.
I'm gonna leave this blog here although I'm not active anymore.
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New blog!

Hey guys. I hope y’all still remember me. I have been inactive for a very long time simply because kpop died in me. I know, Im sorry. But I do have a new blog I recently created. It’s bout fashion, beauty & random stuffs I like. If you guys are interested do follow me! 

It’s petite-peonies

Have a nice day guys!


I took some pictures of food at the Red Raven Gastropub in Acton, MA last week for a class marketing project. This was all absolutely delicious too. Go eat there, you won’t regret it.

I must’ve done something right to deserve you in my life.

Photoset of JongKey in black:white (dream girl era) | requested by goomiho


(via ohsopictures)


(via ohsopictures)

5/ Gif-sets of my OTP Taekey: JAT 120721

3 years later